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Elevate YOU
– the embodiment for soul led entrepreneurs creating great impact and an aligned life

The empowerment of knowing your place in a changing world.
a dedicated focus and acceleration into who you know you’re truly meant to be.

No more holding back, playing small, or endless mindless chatter. It’s time to embody your power and respect the BIG vision you see within.

Elevate You includes 4 life changing sessions.

We have 3 powerful sessions, one week apart.

Then . . .  You get to apply the tools, the shifts you’ve learnt in these sessions for a month.

In the fourth session we celebrate the changes and workshop what’s arisen, what’s worked, where we need to tweak AND what else is possible.

It’s a flexible framework we’re working in. It flexes to the requirements of the soul group gathered.

Who'll receive the most from Elevate You?

The people who have decided to be an active, conscious participant in creating a better, greater world. No government or legislation is that change.

Jump into this offering that’s curated to clarify, expand and embody your awareness so you show up in your life at your greatest capacity. This is the way the world changes.

All our personal worlds are ‘the world.”

Some of  us are here to live consciously at the higher vibe and some are not. Know which one you are and do something about it.

Some of us are consciously carrying and being the higher vibe. You know who you are.

The more embodied you are in this, the less reactive you become when you trigger people and they toss their shadow aspect at you.

If you’re unclear of who you are you’ll end up taking it on as a truth.

It feels horrible, you feel horrible and you don’t create and facilitate what you’re here to be.

That’s what truly makes you sad inside. Don’t kid yourself on this one -  that’s it about them not waking up. It’s about you telling yourself you’re not showing up.

4 x 90 minutes zoom calls. (All recorded and available for 12 months.)
Written reminders of tools.
Audio recordings of clearings and activations, so you can use them to accelerate your progress.
Telegram group where I drop in attunements during the week.  

Session 1:
Creating a fresh canvas and clearing things up.
Set you up to receive the most
Clarify your intention
Clear stories
Open gateways
Essential tool for consistently moving forward.  Easy to apply and highly effective.

Session 2:

Expanding - realizing who you truly are

Quantum Leap in Awareness
Tools to keep you on track. What to do when things look a certain way.
Reading energy and applying its insight.
Quantum Leap process to tune in to anytime, anywhere.

Session 3:
Application integration.

Introduce you to a Spiritual Body very few are connected with. It's so generous with your superpower awareness and development - it will rock your world.

Soul Senses - What are they and how to apply them to shift energy.

Changing your reality from the inside out - with new energy tools

Accelerate your receiving capacity. Vital for this work.

Session 4:

Elevate Again

After a months break of implementation we'll celebrate your successes!

This call is live coaching on what’s arisen, what’s worked, where we need to tweak AND what else is possible.

An exponential elevation activation.

Monday January 23, 2023

Monday January 30, 2023

Monday February 6, 2023

Monday March 6, 2023

All calls 5.00pm - 6.30pm AEST


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