Activate Your Unique Magic

$222.00 plus gst


Magic Activation – Two for the Price of One Offer.
On Tuesday July 11@ 11.00am AEST

A 90 minute recorded zoom session.

Please invite another person for free. Two for the Price of One Offer.

As if by magic.

An empowering, magical 90 minute space filled with the activation, realisations and rememberings that charge up your soul, elevates your consciousness and informs your choices and actions from here on in.

This is not a space for those of you without courage and vision. Owning your unique magic is not for the faint hearted. Magic is a very empowered place to live from.

It is the energy that’s often inexplicable and simultaneously elevates your success. Who’s up for that?


What’s Included?

As well as the actual Activation of the Source codes of your magic, and

»» an expansion of what magic is and isn’t and

»» why your magic is expanding at this time,

I’ll be sharing some of the things I do on a regular basis to

♦ Tune me into the magical frequencies

♦ Give me the lift I need sometimes living in a dimension mostly void of living as a conscious, grounded magical beings.

Allowing your magic to be real and true is pivotal in the creation of your success with the emergence of the new earth. It’s a way of living that serves us well as we enter rapidly changing world.

We’ll be activating the source codes – igniting the energies, growing your connection and commitment – collapsing the limitations and blockages.

You are not here by accident. Some of your coding has been waiting for this time to truly come alive and be part of your life force.

And won’t it be fun being with others who not only get what we’re on about – But embrace it and activate more of it!

If that’s you – I’d love to be in creation and activation with you.

This is the “thing” the “difference” you’ve been asking the Universe for.

As if by magic – here it is.

You get to play in magic together.

Two of you join the Activation for $222.00 plus gst.

You could gift it to friend or they can pay you $111.00 plus gst. Imagine what magic you could get up to together?
PS: You get to sort out the high finances between the two of  you.

How this works:

On receiving your full payment, you'll receive an email requesting your friends name and email address.

They will then receive a welcome email and all the following emails to gain access to the live call and to the recording.


So much fun sharing. Especially sharing magic.


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