Meeting Your Soul Group

$11.00 plus gst

Bring your soul group customers and clients to you with this potent soul group meeting activation.

Being a soul-led entrepreneur can feel a bit of an “alone journey” sometimes,  With that perspective comes an energetic disconnect from your soul group. Of course, they are here and as ready for you as you are for them. Otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen to be here. We are in this together.

This guided meditation (17min 36sec) simultaneously clears the limiting perceptions that were behind the disconnect, opens your heart and mind to receiving your soul group, and brings realisations of connectivity that bring you together,

This process has been equally pivotal for many business people, looking for fresh clients and customers, as friendships and community building.


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A wonderful activation of you that is the perfect frequency for connecting to your soul group.

This activating meditative journey opens the energy so you find members of your soul group, and they can find you.

Great for increasing your clientele who really benefit from your services or expanding your friendship group with like hearted peeps.

Enjoy. Create the relationships of your dreams with your aligned soul peeps.


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