Free to Be All of You




The questions most open to expansion are  “What is truly possible for me?” “What can I allow?”

We are entering a whole new potential of infinite possibilities.

These infinite possibilities are really what you came for!


Our greatest potential is not sourced from certainty.

It is sourced from a much deeper place of courage and knowing.



My mission is to have tens of thousands of people realize they are infinite creators. And show up as this consciousness, this awareness, in all aspects of life.

This creates a very different world.

We are here to do way more than fix problems.

We are here to work our unique magic.

Magic is about extracting the hidden power contained in everyday life.

Magic is about bringing forward the previously untapped possibilities that you know you came here to actualize.

Magic happens as you choose from beyond the stories, deep into the well of inner knowing.

In being this –  you are the catalyst for expansion of possibilities.




“What I got was just extraordinary.
Grace tunes into exactly what it is that will take you to your next level. “

Kath Clarke

Creator, The Digital Traffic Chick

“Grace is so the real deal. Her gifts to be able to connect to your soul team and channel their wisdom back to us is phenomenal.”

Kiara O'Leary

Founder, An Inspired Life

“Working with Grace was the best decision I ever made.  You’re a beautiful human being that has done amazing things.”

Brylee Mio

Founder, Leshan Consulting

I was so sick of going up and down all the time within myself.

I knew it was affecting my mindset, my marriage and my reactions to my kids. After having my first consult call with Grace to see if and how she could support me – I knew life was about to become so different. 

Grace has allowed me to find the ease and the fun in everyday situations. 

I have done a lot of personal development over the past 10 years, so I knew what it took to invest in myself and do the work.

One thing I never expected, is the impact working with Grace has done for my own self-esteem, my marriage and most importantly for my kids.

It’s a no brainer working with Grace. 

Investing in myself is non-negotiable.

I knew fear, worry and scarcity was secretly and unconsciously ruling my life. What I didn’t know was how I was going to let go of what I had known for 35 years, and re-start again.

Grace not only would breathe belief in me, I adapted new ways to breathe it in for myself. 

Before working with Grace, I was living and existing at 60% in all areas of my life. Grace is exactly like a light switch to me. It can be dull and dark when it’s off, but my gosh when it’s turned on – it’s bright, energizing, liberating and certain. 

I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars on counselors over the years, and I was originally hesitant investing in something again.

Grace’s philosophy and the way she listens, teaches and analyses is what makes me know I am the creator of my life and I have never been so certain of my being.

Bec Gear

Founder, Women Wine and Wealth

Dear Grace,
I just wanted to say I felt really overcome with emotion at the start of the call because I was struck with how grateful I felt for your work. Also I had an epiphany of how beautiful your lack of judgement is and how vital it is to have in these processes.

Your non-judgement is the gift to allow the growth (healing, actualization, expanding awareness and integration). I don’t know if you could do any of this work with fear and judgement.

Much love and thank you.

(Transition 2020 participant)

Vanessa Herwerth


Grace’s course (Triple Eclipse Catalyst) was highly supportive as well as enlightening.

After working with Grace for ~15 yrs I always know I will have the desired shifts I am ready for.

The roller coaster of emotions during upleveling is ‘no more.’ It is now a much smoother ride – full of ease and grace.

Thanks you for the powerful work you bring to the world and so graciously share with us.

Claire McFee

Founder, True Compass Coaching

A Nourished Soul has no need to compare, compete or complain.

Grace Ambrook

Magic is about being able to extract the hidden power contained in every day life.

Grace Ambrook

"You didn't come here to fit in to what is. You came here to be different. So be that."

Grace Ambrook

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