Grace Ambrook
Grace Ambrook
The Unconventional Kinesiologist

Calling all LightLeaders, Visionaries, Creatives, Coaches and Alchemists!

It’s time to activate and actualise the boundless possibilities of New Earth Business.


Join us each month for an extraordinary experience as we activate the consciousness and coding of new earth business and liberate your next level of success.


Know What You Know –

Be Who You Be –

Create What You Came Here to Create 

Step into a Realm Where the Multi-Dimensional Woman Meets Her Highest Ascension Point.

It’s time to equip yourself, as a New Earth Consciousness Entrepreneurial LightLeader, with the foundational tools for building a prosperous and impactful business. Discover the secrets of success in the ever-evolving landscape of the New Earth.

Master the Art of Asking Anything and Expanding Receiving

Learn to ask in ways that open doors to limitless awareness, insight, and knowing. Elevate your ability to receive at a whole new level of being, accessing the universal intelligence that empowers you to manifest your deepest desires.

Actualize Your Intentions and Fulfill Your Targets

Uncover the under-recognized pathway to realizing your business targets. Gain mastery over this transformative approach, guiding your business towards clarity, purpose, and unparalleled success.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of growth, exploration, and transformation.

Know What You Know – Be Who You Be – Create What You Came Here to Create.

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among visionaries and change-masters who are ready to embrace the future of business.

This is For:

LightLeaders, Visionaries, Creatives, and Alchemists!

who are:

Willing to be misunderstood.
Who value their mission more than a need to be liked.
Who show up bright, confident AND real.
Who allow their personal vortex to do the heavy lifting for them.
Who show up bright, confident AND real.
Who are not afraid of big money and the projections from the love and light community.
Who have the emotional and energetic maturity to have given up ‘handling and managing’ and are fully into accessing and orchestrating greater possibilities.

What People Experience:

Between 2x and 5x on their business targets.

  Clarity, focus and energy that reflects ease and creates way more than hard work ever did.

Empowering collaboration with their Business Channel.  (Or receiving from mine for rapid action or both.)

Stop being exhausted by working at their boundaries and learn what to do instead.

Activation of lost codes that are essential to creating success attuned to the New Earth Activations streaming in. Now things make sense.

It feels like a homecoming. It’s so much easier to receive the truth of who you Be in a space that is curated for your ultimate expansion and infinite Presence.

This is what we came to Be.


The New Earth sees no gap between intuition and logic, between vision and implementation. It runs on receptivity, allowance and curation of energy rather than linear exceptions and projections. It will do your head and heart in if you stay in the gap.

Just like we are claiming the possibilities of the planet back, we claim genuine prosperity and supply.

Running a business focused on fixing yet another problem is failing to return the impact and income of times past.

Creating a business fuelled in possibility and making incredible impact and money is a very rapid way of touching those who are trapped in resistance to the fullest expresssion of the Universe. (Even though “they want to.”)

Choosing to channel the possibilities of the Universe through your business is truly liberating the creative space that generates a healthy planet with healthy humans.

With an Increased Capacity to Hold and Transmit the Truth of You – Your Results Outweigh Logic Every Time. 

We are on an accelerating ascension. Due to its speed, we need to anchor more light and amplify it quickly.

There’s enormous efficiency in out-creating limitations and being the ascended and prosperous pioneers we came her to be.

Being fully resourced lubricates the spread of our infinite contributions. It anchors the new formations of doing business. What a blessing you be for that.

The paradigm of possibilities asks us to expand our capacity to stay the course, even through difficulties. Don’t allow the programming to take you down a vacant story of rightness and wrongness that drags you away in search of a substitute paradise.


The Unconventional Kinesiologist
Meet Your Mentor Grace.

Grace is a  highly connected channel and a truly exceptional Mentor of Change.

Her speciality is accessing the truth of who you are and why you are here. This is foundatioinal to fulfilling success in business.

Her energetic insight, highly attuned gift of curating energy fields and activating original codes, lay at the core of the acceleration of Light Leaders in business all over the world.

Being a clear channel, and working with energy, codes of possibilities and awareness that uncovers the unexpected that simply changes everything and amplifies next steps.

She is highly attuned to the New Earth Codings and brings these empowering awarnesses through generously in her personal and public transmissions.


Grace Ambrook

Ways to Grow Your Business with Grace

Big Impact – Big Joy – Big Income

The more you’re in the pursuing mode, the more P*ssed off you get.

Looking in the wrong place at the wrong things completely stops once your blind spots are illuminiated.

‘Assessing’ strategies, branding and niches in pursuit of bigger impact is a looong bumpy path.

Knowing your Highest Ascension Point cuts through the maze and fog and highlights energies, ways and means that take you on the trajectory of impact, joy and success you know you’re coded for.

Big Impact – Big Joy – Big Income is founded in knowing You Highest Ascension Point .

From there things are clear, synchronistic and joyful.

Uncover the latent opportunity sitting within your “reason for being here.”

Clear the path for that to be clear and “doable” – in line with the incoming energies, many of which have not been on earth before.

  Activation and realisation of just what is possible for you in this incarnation.

Exploring your unique magic’ strengths and capacities, their value and contribution, where it’s most effective. We also look at what’s gone before in your life and which parts to leverage and which parts to leave.

Activate your unique Ascension points that build a flexible framework to run this contribution out into the world.

Provide tools to use on the fly as you change your reality.

  Build and develop the empowerment, freedom and joy in bringing your contribution into this reality. For your own evolution and the planet.

Establish an energy field of standards to facilitate the ‘holding’ of your greatest light. This is a key for ongoing progress.

Shift the paradigms and separation systems in alignment with New Earth Activations.

Miraculous Empowerment

New Earth Business Activation Hub

Monthly Energy Top UP’s For Business Owners and LightLeaders

Stay up to date and fully activated in your greatest vision and the implementation of all that you are here to  Be in this lifetime.

Your Business is the perfect expression of your greatest vision.

The ways of expressing and expanding that are changing with the New Earth.

What worked in marketing and client aquistion is changing. Receive the latest intel from my clear channel as to how to create greater with the new frequencies AND receive the awareness that allows change to happen with as much ease as possible.

Old wounding can show as these new portals are activated. The habitual reactivity may have helped you before but so much is changing –  Hanging on to old paradigms just wont cut it.

For Light Leaders acknowledging the power of consistent top ups of leading edge frequencies and consciousness with others who are doing the same.

Each month  you receive:

  • One live fully interactive session that includes channeled awareness of  the latest codes and paradigm shifts that ensure your greatest success and impact.
  • Additional time allocated for clear heart coaching. Have your personal roadblocks cleared.
  • One recorded activation relevant to the emerging frequencies popped into the Hub Telegram Group.
  • Embodiment tool to run over the month.

I strongly encourage questions  in these calls, as it pulls forward the infinite intel that’s in the field waiting for us all to become aware of and receive.

Highest Calling

Personal Business Acceleration Space

Uncover the latent opportunity sitting within your “reason for being here.”

Clear the path for that to be clear and for you to be confident. Activate who you Be and create the “doables” that reflect your success codes.

Highly effective hub for next levelling your business. This includes

Product/service range

Methods of delivery

Financial ceilings

Customer/client aquisition methods.

Collaborators and or investors.

Activation and expanding your connection and actualisaion skills.

“Name” your unique magic’s strengths and capacities, their value and contribution, and where the most effective application.

We also look at what’s gone before in your life and which parts to leverage and which parts to leave.

Activate your unique Ascension points that build a flexible framework to run this contribution into the world.

Provide tools to ‘keep the show on the road.’

Develop a unique and energy efficient way of old way “establishing boundaries” – New Earth way – well you’ll have to join to find out.

This is a game changer for efficient use of your energy and minimisng energy leaks in putting out fires in your business.

Be warned: this does change a lot!

Shift the paradigms and separation systems you may have been aligning to that stiffle business growth for LightLeaders and Conscious Business Owners.

Contact me for Hub Details and pricing.

Your Coding Your Way

Just guessing, but as the winds of change blow through our Universe,  I’ll bet you’ve been experiencing at least a few of these symptoms lately, including difficulty.

◊ Maintaining your calm

◊ Finding your centre

◊ Regulating your sensitivities

◊ Soothing your nerves.

◊ Sustaining your mojo

And you might also be experiencing:
Θ confusion

Θ brain fog or chit chat overload

Θ swings in your energy and your bank accounts

Θ inconsistent progress on projects

Θ uncommon conflicts

The culprit behind these symptoms isn’t the Mercury Retrograde or your mindset or the moon, or even the eclipse season. And it’s not because of your astrology chart or your human design either.

It’s your unactivated original coding.

Coding is YOUR unique way.

Programming is what overrides it.

Unactivated Coding is also the reason that you’re only doing ¼ of the business that you’re coded for – that you came here for.

And this is where I come in.

Details are here.

Money Coding Mastery

More Impact – More Choice – More Money

Whose tired of playing the big-drama or big struggle game with their money?

If you’re a Conscious Business Owner, entrepreneur, visionary, coach, alternative medicine practitioner or mentor AND desire a deeply sustainable, nurturing and prosperous relationship with money . . . 

Original Money Coding Awaits. 

Money Coding Mastery Includes:

Learning the 7 Money Codes to shed past traumas, and ditch the “earning and time trading” paradigm.

Mastering timeline jumping and other ascension tools that do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

Going beyond the hardship paradigm that’s convinced you ease is a fallacy and since you’ve already worked hard to get ‘here’, you’ll have to double your efforts to double your income.

Discovering why “allowing money” diverts your true dynamic in having and holding wealth.

With your original money coding activated you experience

> Bigger Trust with taking ACTIONS that 10x your income.

> Jumping into the advanced methods of building the business of your dreams.

> These Activations have you knowing exactly how to collapse time, instantly jump into your prosperous timeline and how to easily thrive in financial overflow (the way it was always meant to be.)

. .  .You knew

about money when you came in. You knew your original coding with money AND

You know you have the capacity to speak the money language during the fulfilment of your sacred mission here.

You are not here to be under resourced in anyway. You do not have to learn from that lesson again.

This is an untruth that you’ve been talked into believing.

Now you Know.

Receive the two 90 minute recordings that change your money reality now.

Highest Calling

Your Highest Calling Personal Mentoring

There are times when we are super willing to take ourselves to the next level.

Doing that solo is commonly a slow ardous experience.

Being willing to back yourself by investing in high frequency highly pragmatic guidance and activations is right here.

A life changing combination of channeling, energy balancing, paradigm shifting, consciousness raising and implementation !

Application details forwarded on request.

“What I got was just extraordinary.
Grace tunes into exactly what it is that will take you to your next level. ”

Kath Clarke

Creator, The Digital Traffic Chick

“Grace is so the real deal. Her gifts to be able to connect to your soul team and channel their wisdom back to us is phenomenal.”

Kiara O'Leary

Founder, An Inspired Life

“Working with Grace was the best decision I ever made.  You’re a beautiful human being that has done amazing things.”

Brylee Mio

Founder, Leshan Consulting

I was so sick of going up and down all the time within myself.

I knew it was affecting my mindset, my marriage and my reactions to my kids. After having my first consult call with Grace to see if and how she could support me – I knew life was about to become so different. 

Grace has allowed me to find the ease and the fun in everyday situations. 

I have done a lot of personal development over the past 10 years, so I knew what it took to invest in myself and do the work.

One thing I never expected, is the impact working with Grace has done for my own self-esteem, my marriage and most importantly for my kids.

It’s a no brainer working with Grace. 

Investing in myself is non-negotiable.

I knew fear, worry and scarcity was secretly and unconsciously ruling my life. What I didn’t know was how I was going to let go of what I had known for 35 years, and re-start again.

Grace not only would breathe belief in me, I adapted new ways to breathe it in for myself. 

Before working with Grace, I was living and existing at 60% in all areas of my life. Grace is exactly like a light switch to me. It can be dull and dark when it’s off, but my gosh when it’s turned on – it’s bright, energizing, liberating and certain. 

I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars on counselors over the years, and I was originally hesitant investing in something again.

Grace’s philosophy and the way she listens, teaches and analyses is what makes me know I am the creator of my life and I have never been so certain of my being.

Bec Gear

Founder, Women Wine and Wealth

Join us for an unforgettable experience of growth, exploration, and transformation.

Know What You Know – Be Who You Be – Create What You Came Here to Create.

RSVP to reserve your place
among visionaries and change-masters who are ready to embrace the future of business.