Apply magic and alchemy to life and business
for next level success.

I’m Grace Ambrook

I enable aware, awake, conscious women, who are tired of fighting for who they really are, master their magic, run with the possibilities and create ultimate freedom, wealth and impact with their own soul led business and life.

I’m the founder of Ultimate Energetix for Empowering You, a mentor, energy master, consciousness raiser, paradigm shifter and  enabler of magic, alchemy and energy.

I’ve facilitated up-levels, new directions, true fulfillment for so many. All of them have included embodiment of their soul work and fully acknowledging and accepting who they truly BE.  

I live where I choose and work as I please, as I enable clients from around the world to create greater impact, experience their chosen freedom and be healthy, wealthy leaders.

Any time I’ve hit a wall, it’s never been logical. I’m a smart, practical, courageous and committed individual.   

Energetics, magic and alchemy are the only ways I’ve found to be effective in freeing myself and thousands of others to the level of success and empowerment you know is possible for you.

I know what it is to transform our lives from any programming, implanting, psychic interference – all that stuff that doesn’t make sense yet can screw us over if we don’t shift it once and for all.

My intent is to enable you to know You, at the deepest of levels of who you really are and to live it fully in your business, your relationships, your wealth, health – all aspects of life. 

And to do it now – fully, freely and magically.

Ready to join me?

Together we’ll add magic to systems, structures and strategies in the creation of highly successful businesses with ultimate energetic mastery. This leading edge approach creates impact, influence, wealth and freedom beyond your imaginings.

Liberate your Soul Magic

You can apply this energy now

Set your Magic Alive

“What I got was just extraordinary.
Grace tunes into exactly what it is that will take you to your next level. “

Kath Clarke

Creator, The Digital Traffic Chick

“Grace is so the real deal. Her gifts to be able to connect to your soul team and channel their wisdom back to us is phenomenal.”

Kiara O'Leary

Founder, An Inspired Life

“Working with Grace was the best decision I ever made.  You’re a beautiful human being that has done amazing things.”

Brylee Mio

Founder, Leshan Consulting

I was so sick of going up and down all the time within myself.

I knew it was affecting my mindset, my marriage and my reactions to my kids. After having my first consult call with Grace to see if and how she could support me – I knew life was about to become so different. 

Grace has allowed me to find the ease and the fun in everyday situations. 

I have done a lot of personal development over the past 10 years, so I knew what it took to invest in myself and do the work.

One thing I never expected, is the impact working with Grace has done for my own self-esteem, my marriage and most importantly for my kids.

It’s a no brainer working with Grace. 

Investing in myself is non-negotiable.

I knew fear, worry and scarcity was secretly and unconsciously ruling my life. What I didn’t know was how I was going to let go of what I had known for 35 years, and re-start again.

Grace not only would breathe belief in me, I adapted new ways to breathe it in for myself. 

Before working with Grace, I was living and existing at 60% in all areas of my life. Grace is exactly like a light switch to me. It can be dull and dark when it’s off, but my gosh when it’s turned on – it’s bright, energizing, liberating and certain. 

I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars on counselors over the years, and I was originally hesitant investing in something again.

Grace’s philosophy and the way she listens, teaches and analyses is what makes me know I am the creator of my life and I have never been so certain of my being.

Bec Gear

Founder, Women Wine and Wealth

We are here to do way more than fix problems.

We are here to work our unique magic.

Magic is about bringing into reality the previously untapped possibilities that
YOU know you came here to actualize.

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