Rapid Access to Energetic Intelligence

Get yourself out of closed tense states and into the freedom space of making better choices. 

Receive Big Picture Awareness that lights up immediate empowering actions.
When you know you’re missing something and that something will make all the difference to what you choose.

Choose a Quantum Mover Session.

Quantum Mover

a dedicated space to receive the awareness to get clear on what you’re choosing. 

Quantum Movers are personal sessions with Grace Ambrook – an empowering energy reader and alchemist.

When you’re making big decisions-

❇️ business direction

❇️ business dynamics

❇️ buying and selling property

❇️ career choices

❇️ relationship dynamics

❇️ marketing strategy

You can be so “in it” you start second guessing yourself and your inner knowing.

Quantum Mover Sessions put you back in touch with the Big Picture, give you empowering ‘intel’ of behind the obvious energetic dynamics.

All in a completely non-judgemental space.

When you allow yourself to be aware of these things – you make choices in such an empowering way. You move beyond making right or wrong choices and fully into your infinitely creative charge.

What’s Included?

Energetic Read.
An overview of the energetics – the highs, the lows, the gaps and the possibilities.

Clearing of the space, attachments, investments, projections.  Clarifying and embodying clear intention.

Move the energy around. Transform into lighter more spacious, creative energy. Make space for change and difference.

Open the energy of alchemy. Includes a magical recipe for working with the energy following the session.

Following the energy read, the clearing of the space and yourself, moving the energy into a higher vibe, we’ll look at different pathways of action.

You’re able to choose actions for yourself from greater congruence with your essence and with the Universe. 

Ongoing Confidence
You’ll receive the energetic and mind practice skills to maintain and build your empowerment in this situation.

How does this happen?

In 1 x 90 minute personal zoom session. As we cover a lot these sessions are recorded and available to you within 24 hours of your session. 


3 top up interactions in the following 8 weeks.

Direct email or voice message connection with queries, updates and redirects as the situation and dynamics move.

Who’ll receive the most from Quantum Mover Session?

The people who

❇️ know that energy makes a difference.

❇️ are not looking for someone to tell them what to do and ARE looking to learn, grow and trust themselves and their unique magic more. 

❇️ acknowledge outside insight would really help.

❇️ respect and value energetic insights from a master. 

❇️ are keen to live more consciously, graciously and magically. 

❇️ value their own heart and know kindness, magic, alchemy beyond judgement is the way to creating the new earth for everyone.

Receive the awareness, energy and reframes to make choices that work for you. 

 Deciding how life gets to be for you and choosing to live it, now.

Choose now

Total price only $1111.00 (plus gst)

PLUS you receive 21 Days of Awareness Program for free. Valued at $55.00.  Each morning you receive a delightful audio recording of an inspiring daily activation.

Booking your Time

After purchase you’ll receive an email with details of how to book your time.

Please send an email to [email protected]
if you’d like information on time before placing your order.

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