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I work with people who know there is more to them and for them.

The Next Level of You

Personal Mentoring Program.

As a person who knows you’re here to approach life differently and yet seems to get stuck in certain spots, I want you to know I hear you.

Your knowing IS the voice of your greatest truth. Within it lays the empowerment, presence and propulsion to create the life you keep consciously choosing. (Even amongst the stuckness!)

The Next Level You program expands your ability to land All of You. It’s six super charged sessions, with reframes, activations, clearings and expansions that stabilize your greatest trajectory.

Its personal, powerful and fun. In this personal, deep dive you receive the awareness that changes your relationship with the Universe and with your life.

Please email me if this feels like a fit for you. Check in with your heart. Then we can have a chat.

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Change your Life With Awareness. The Path to your Magical Reality

On-line 28 day Immersion Program.

Loaded with paradigm shifts, techniques and tools to live from awareness and create the life you know you are here to live.

It’s not about everything being perfect, it’s about what to do when you or  it doesn’t look like “it’s supposed to.”

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Personal Immersions

A Deep Dive, totally transformational experience.

This is a personally designed Immersion for stable transformation.

They range from 3 days with 6 months ongoing embodiement to half day accelerations.

If you’re willing to show up fully starting now, send me an email with you name and number and I’ll give you call.

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Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland Australia

Soul Codes and Success: Unraveling the delusions and the stories.

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