Advanced Body Process – Cellular Light Activation

$79.00 plus gst

Vital Cells create a vital life and a healthy body.

Cellular Light Activation is a guided eleven minute meditation. The DNA and vibrancy of your cells are upgraded

It stimulates vitality, life force and transition into higher frequency in the body.

The subtle bodies of your body align with your awareness. This creates greater ease and better choices.

If you are new to the world of energy – this is not for you. It is an advanced body process that is calibrated for rapid transformation.

Many clients use the Cellular Light Activation as a weekly body cleanse and acceleration. It keeps the body and the consciousness rising together.

The words speak directly to the higher knowing of your cells and your soul and beyond.

The background music is toned to calibrate with ease and speed.

You receive an 11 minute recording AND a written copy in pdf format for your convenience.
The recording is delivered in your confirmation of payment and you will also receive a link to a page where you will find BOTH the audio and written versions.


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