Change Your Life With Awareness

The Pathway to Your Magical Reality

$497.00 plus gst

4 Step, 28 Day


It’s time for you to create what you came here to create.

  • You know you have come to be different so start applying your difference.
  • ​Crack open the energy you’ve been missing and live from infinite possibilities.
  • Work consciously, successfully and actively with the Universe.
  • Move beyond “Did it work?” or “Why didn’t it work?’
  • Live from your Awareness, the place of power, peace and action.

You’ll experience:

  • ​The confidence that gives you the traction to show up.
  • ​Your Soul Sourced Business expanding.
  • ​Your energy and frequency aligning to the greatest good for all.
  • Stop waiting FOR the Universe and Show up AS the Universe that you are.
  • ​Transform your personal boundaries.
  • ​Letting go of things that no longer reflect who you choose to Be.
  • ​Follow through on your guidance.
  • ​Build a relationship with the Universal Mind. Peace at last.
  • ​Living from the Clarity of knowing why your unique magic matters.
  • ​Creating a great life from your heart.
  • ​ A living relationship with your specific Celestial Team that take you to new levels of trust and connectivity
  • ​Knowing the source of your personal power and live from it.
  • ​Through divine clarity, walking your chosen destiny.

What’s Included?

 Are you the woman who knows there's something more for you?
That there's more of you, ready to be lived?
Are you ready to set your authentic self free?
28 Day complete program.
All pre-recorded. Succinct, straight to the point. Highly effective. Support materials provided with each module.

Week 1: How to Flip your Perspective Instantly

  • You learn all about the creation cycle
  • ​How to apply it to consciously manifest and co-create what serves the highest for all.
  • ​How to use it to discover AND CHANGE why you're not creating what you know you want.
  • ​Meet your Divine Essence, the mentor for your Soul. Powerful beyond measure.
  • Learn the difference between collective and divine consciousness.
  • ​Recognize and choose what level of consciousness you behave from.

Week 2: Choosing your own Truth

  • Dive deep into what feels really good for you. How to find it, feel it, and have fun with it.
  • Discover the true sense of belonging.
  • ​This anchor point is your power place. A place you need to know on this courageous journey.
  • ​How to handle the feeling of being too concerned about what others think. So you do show up working your magic.
  • Clear and release the old versions of you, their attachments to you and you to them.

Week 3: Clearing the Crap

  • Identify where you split your energy and delay your progress
  • We dissolve programs, imprints and implants that no longer serve you.
  • Realise a Universal Truth that changes your outlook on having the power to show up.
  • We transform the subconscious patterns of this life.
  • And the body memories of other lives.

Week 4: Raising Your Vibe

This powerful tool keeps your vibe high as you choose your magic daily.

  • Discover and learn the 3 vibrational states required to co-create successfully,
  • Learn how to use your mind in alignment with these states.
  • Develop a unique set of questions that keep you in alignment to your magic, rather than take you out.
  • ​Activate DNA codes of your co-creative abilities.
  • ​A comprehensive list of activities & practical exercises that not only further expand your vibration but also stabilizes them.



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