21 Days of Awareness

$33.00 plus gst


Liberate Your Next Level Potential.

21 days of guided intentions for expansion of All of You!

10 minutes or less of blissful listening at the beginning of your day, sets you up with an awareness that lifts your life.

Each day for 21 days you receive an empowering recording. You can listen anytime.

You build your awareness over the 21 days. After 21 days, relisten to the one that feels best for you on that day.

Living from Awareness is the stabilizer that anchors possibility.
The 2020 decade is filled with powerful & cosmic alignments which herald deep transformation & change.
​Over this time, we actually shift from transformation into creation mastery.
​These changes compel us to embrace our power as creators.
​This shifts reality on a global level as well as a personal level.

​Awareness is how we remember our creation mastery.
Our authentic power is living as awareness.


21 Days of Awareness

A Quantum Consciousness Awakening

You'll Receive

  • ​The awareness, focus, and frequency to consciously create in each moment.
  • ​Deeper, wiser insights.
  • ​Access to the Freedom Codes
  • ​Vibrational Stability
  • ​Emotional calmness
  • 21st Century paradigm attunements
  • ​Increased capacity to show up powerfully
  • ​Amplifies your contribution
  • ​Greater effectiveness to influence
  • Alignment to your expanding potential
  • ​Receive the keys for autonomy, mastery and purpose of Unity Consciousness.
  • ​Be the unique expression of Source you are.


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