This program really gets to the point, there is no messing around!
I have been working with Grace for well over 5 years and her programs help me find my own North Star and navigate my life from my power and truth.
Strength Radiance Clarity has been one of the most potent programs.
I am creating change in my life and this program has provided the structure to help facilitate this… structure in light, magic and the truth of who I am.
It is a program in being all of me, not playing small and it has been a great joy as it always is with working with Grace!!!
How great it is to do the deep work in the light and radiance. There have been big shifts in my perception and therefore my life as well as big changes.
Thoroughly recommend this program.
It’s hard to put all the magic into words but hopefully this captures some of it!!
Charlotte Gordon

Strength Radiance Clarity Personal Sessions

$2,499.00 plus gst

You can feel the energies of earth moving differently.

You can feel your energy moving differently.

The energetic fabric of our reality is undergoing significant change. Who are we in the new emerging world? Where does a sense of strength and dependability lay?

What are you committed and determined to experience from here on in? If you liberated the strength and clarity of your heart and soul, how good would it be to radiate out that brilliance in all aspects of life.

How would you run your life?

I’m calling to your soul.

Will you answer or let it go to voicemail?

Will you jump in and receive what you need to receive to set yourself free and show up as the brilliance you truly be?

Or do same same?

Strength, Radiance and Clarity Package cracks open possibilities around a particular aspect that’s been

  • a thorn in your side


  • You know is calling you.
    But . . .  the buts have gotten in your way!

This could be in relationship, business, wealth or health. We’ll choose one and fill it with so much love and awareness, it can’t help but transform and you’ll have the freedom you’ve been asking for.

Whats Included:

We begin with a 45 minute session to see where you’re at.  Then I can fine tune and prepare for the next three sessions and get you started immediately with a personalised possibility prompter.

Depending on where you’re at the next sessions run like this.

Session 1: Clearing and activating.

Session 2: Clarifying and embodying.

Session 3: Strengthening and actualising.

Each call is around 90 minutes.

They are recorded and available for 12 months


You receive a practice to apply in between calls.


A unique combination of leading edge energy, consciousness and quantum expansions.

  • Frequency First.
  • Energy elevates.
  • Action implements.


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