Choosing a New Direction

$33.00 plus gst

An online training and activation series to facilitate choosing a new direction.

These six recorded teachings and activations alone will create MASSIVE shifts and create effective actions. 

all from the clarity, connection and acceleration of your Supersoul.

This course catalyses the inner niggle into a passionate presence. It helps you take action that could change the trajectory of your whole life. 

If you feel the rush of inner knowing as you read this, then wait not a moment longer.

And create the business you’re here to thrive in. 

Anytime, Anywhere. Straight From Your Phone or Computer!

As a soul-led entrepreneur, creative, visionary leader, curator of infinite possibilities, making choices that  reflect the light of the soul is non-negotiable.

So when a new direction begins emerging, new awareness of the superself is asking to be activated.

That’s what’s covered in Choosing a New Direction- using Energy, Soul and Actualisations to move forward with clarity and ease.

How refreshing is it to learn a unique approach to intention and how to apply it effectively to actions? 

What if New Directions are about Being Truer to Self?  It’s only a challenge if there’s diminshed awareness and trust of the emerging supersoul. 

That’s what we sort out in Choosing a New Direction. 

And we’re all grown ups  here so we know it includes identifying where and how to say goodbye - even if it is difficult. So that’s included too.

The six modules are delivered once a week to your email box.


  • powerful Possibility Prompters to support mindset
  • processes to elevate your energy and frequency
  • on the fly tools to use to keep your vibe running attuned to the greatest possibilities. Not fairy tales- possibilities.

Teaching Activation 1:
Unlocking the Power of Energy to Create Your Reality

This activation simultaneously clears areas that could block progress and accelerates intuition and inner light.

Teaching Activation 2:
Tuning into Inner Frequencies.

The” how to” of working with frequency and awareness to better equip ourselves to face whatever life throws at us.

Teaching Activation 3:
Secret Key to moving forward.

Soulprints and blueprints. Bringing them alive and real.

Teaching Activation 4:
Elevate to Bring About Change

Higher level truths that move you beyond the trap of difficulty and second guessing,

Teaching Activation 5:
Integrating our soul’s desires

It completely shifts programming around prosperity and change. It transcends limitations and conditioned beliefs surrounding prosperity and Soul work.

Teaching Activation 6:
Cultivating Intuitive Trust.

includes special practices to expand both intuition and trust. And this ladies, is what I call truly showing up.


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