What Do You Reckon Could Happen?

What if the “limitation” you’re experiencing is just you hitting a nerve in your consciousness? 

If it hurts wouldn’t you simply stop doing what you’re doing and choose another way? Need it be any more complex than that? 

Does it require understanding, story, reason or justification? Or is it simply saying “choose a new direction, this no longer fits or suits our purpose.”

If your energy and focus is more on exploring and learning the new direction than sorting out the whys of the old hurting pattern, what do you reckon will happen?

⭐  If you acknowledge life includes everything good and bad, right and wrong.

⭐  If you gave up judgment and disempowerment as the only way to learn empowerment

⭐  and actively chose possibility and curiosity. What do you reckon could happen?

If you gave up the biggest addiction in humanity – having problems – what do you reckon could happen?

Who’s willing to give it a go?