Thinking about things is one way of moving energy.

I’ve always found it pretty slow and laborious,

Knowing things and allowing that knowing to be a truth that you create with.

Well that’s a completely different experience.

Truth doesn’t come from Logic.

Truth comes from a greater power than that.

Once you’ve received the truth, it’s very logical.

Creation to me is way more than thinking or imagining.

Creation is action.

When I’m creating a yummy dinner. I’m doing things.

Getting the ingredients together, feeling into the timing, checking in on the texture. I’m standing at the stove, stirring, watching things come to together. Having a little taste, adjusting and sensing.

Asking questions, what would make this even yummier?

I remain curious and inquisitive.

What is to become of this creation?

There’s awareness then action.

Receive the feed back.

Awareness, action, receive the feed back.

What if you created your next business offering that way? What if you contributed to your workplace in this way?

Let me know how that works out.