Intention Stretches Purpose

  • What are your intentions for the coming months as we enter the portal of 2023? 
  • Where might you be misperceiving challenge as problem? 
  • Where have you made the problem a power leak rather than a trampoline to greater?
  • What would it be like to know and be the higher capacity of your heart and take that knowing into the world? 

What I know to be true and what I’ve personally just done, actually still doing, is  an up-level on the knowing of the heart.

Boy it’s been messy AND equally as life changing as my first initiation 30 years ago. 

This energy is highly energizing.  Life is moving very fast.  Nothing is permanent. It’s time to recognise what lays behind change and take inspired action. From the heart.

There is  cosmic energy pulsing through your life. 

It sparks off a fire inside your heart. Your being is fuelled by infinite inspiration.

It gives rise to an awakening or the proverbial aha moments as the “normal” experience in your days. 

How are you going with the energetic house cleaning in preparation for the fresh energy and deeper capacities? 

If you’re feeling stuck or abusing yourself with procrastinating, call upon the incoming energy stream to move you through to the greater that’s waiting for you.

Simply, consistently and passionately JUST DO THAT!

Who are you being?
What are you doing in relationship to the deeper unfoldment of your presence and power in this life?

  • A stubborn B*tch.
  • An impassioned goddess
  • A “I just want to do it the old way” woman who gets left behind?
  • A leader who loves being on the leading edge of tomorrow and receiving infinite guidance and insight that shifts not only your own life, but the lives of others.

What’s happening for you? Are you good with that? And still up for more? 

Then, have a feel into this and let me know what you think.