What’s Coming?

All Society is going through a massive initiation. 

The pathways and habits of everyday life have changed.

For some there is

  • “less to do”, but more to discover or
  • for you there may me “more to do”  AND more to be discovered.

Either way, we are all being corralled into a collective transmutation, spiritually and psychologically.  In this space lays more awareness, more potential, more creativity and greater possibilities.

Your best friend right now is a willingness to take a good look at what we have been turning a blind eye to for thousands of years. Patterns born again and again through generations and/or our own repetition across life times.

And to those of us who are not willing to allow the influx of light through by facing the personal and collective shadows that are rising – know that the Cosmic Train to the next level of our collective expansion is not stopping.

This is simply how Creation works. The world we live in is built to expand.

There are two ways to go about expansion:

The age old adage of pain and suffering, kicking and screaming, doubting, denying and deluding, blaming, shaming or guilting.

Or conscious accountability. 

Conscious Accountability

Conscious Accountability:-

moves way beyond judgement and into real committed choices of dignity, compassion and grace.

Where we are now is more than an opportunity to re-vision and re-align to what really matters to you. It’s an expansion potential to re-imagine what you desire to create as your life, that contributes to a new global reality. 

“But how is your question right now isn’t it?

The answer is simple.   The pathway –  adventurous.

We surrender into the Mystery. The “how is always orchestrated by the greater fields of the ever expanding Universe.

We consciously maintain an expansive energy into what IS possible. Wonder, awe and curiosity become our state of being. 

When you are not busy judging and consequently closing down your awareness, inspiration and clarity find you. 

Life is a mystery, a creative potential waiting to be realised. Reaching into the greater possibilities is a conscious choice. 

And the choice is yours.

What if they are no blocks?



As we take a new perspective on  “blocks”  repeating patterns and consistent frustrations, they become life changing catalyzers of our personal and collective rising. 

What if the obstacles that you are encountering in your life are actually just gaps. Gaps where you have not realized, nurtured or nourished an infinite potential, knowing, desire or reality in and for you?

And those gaps have been created by your judgements. Lose those and Light up. It’s why you’re here.

You may not like what’s going on at the moment, and “how it makes you feel.” Once you meet yourself honestly, beyond your judgements, then you will no longer be holding yourself in ransom to some future time.  You can begin to build from this renewed depth of self acceptance, wholeness and expanding potential. 

The choice is up to you.