The Wisdom of Resistance


Definition of Resistance:

the refusal to accept or comply with something.

opposition to hostility to aversion to refusal to accept
unwillingness to accept disinclination to accept reluctance to accept lack of enthusiasm for

“they displayed a narrow-minded resistance to change”

antonyms: acceptance, receptivity

The Wisdom of Resistance

Resisting change even when the Universe keeps nudging you is quite common. It’s often quiet unconcsious.  Resistance is when you sort of half show up. You say yes one minute and then no the next. It doesn’t serve your quality of life.

We only go into resistance when you truly desire what Is on the other side. It’s actually showing you what’s really important right now.

It’s different from denial. Denial say’s there’s nothing to resist. No issue. No problem.

You’re a lot further away from positive change when you’re still in denial. That’s a different blog altogether.

What’s going on behind resistance?

Just a few of the unanswered questions behind resistance are:

Will I be okay?
Will I be able to manage?
Will my partner/boss/friends still like me?
What is going to change?
What if it’s a big mistake?
Do I deserve this?

The list of how fear based questions could go on.

Deep down in the recesses of the archives of your life are the body memories of the hurt and pain of “making mistakes” getting it wrong, spending all that time, effort or money with little or no result. And the horribly uncomfortable feelings of isolation, stupidity and shame.

The hurts of the past stab away at your present and limit your future.

It’s kind of easier now to understand how why go into resistance hey? Even when you know it doesn’t serve you.

Then of course (accordiing to the untamed mind), the worst thing might happen.

OH No!!!

You could face all the angry energy around the judgements you’ve made of yourself and your life.

That could be ugly.

(Just kidding, dealing with anger appropriately is good for your soul. Anger is not really about anyone else. It’s actually all about you!) (Just a disclaimer: I am not talking about abuse or violence here.)

Two things to remember about anger. You only get angry at important stuff.  You work this out when you realise anger is actually a secondary emotion. You get angry because you are feeling something else that you don’t want to feel. Unsupported, disrespected, unseen, unimportant.

Un-forgiveness tears away at your confidence and ability to connect with your deeper wisdom and guidance.

Again, see how helpful resistance is. It’s showing you what’s actually important for you.

If it’s important to you, it’s also important to do something pro-active about it.

  • Acknowledge your resistance,
  • Reclaim your power,
  • Thank it for showing you your priorities and
  • Take wise, self-caring, soul-inspired action.

So. Any of this ringing any bells with you right now?

Is this what happens to you when making changes? You end up in this half in-half out discomfort zone? Or perhaps what actions you are taking seem sabotaged in some way?

Let me remind you, you do not resist what you don’t really desire. In other words, there is a part of you, your deeper wisdom, that is absolutely sure about stepping through and triumphing on the other side.

So here’s the ready, set, go.

Tap into what IS.

And what Is, is the Universe is made of Infinite Possibilities. It simply is. What I call an Ism®.

And coming into unity with this Ism, is empowering stuff. Behind all the BS mentioned above is what truly Is. Infinite Possibilities.

You, in fact all of us, are amazing beings comprised of infinite possibilities.

  • It’s possible that your cells function full of vibrancy and vitality.
  • It’s possible that they malfunction.
  • It’s possible that your idea changes the world forever. (Think Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Jesus . . . . . . . . .)
  • It’s possible your idea is how you meet your loving partner.

You’re getting my drift here I’m guessing. What is, IS Infinite Possibilities.
You as CoCreator of your reality have an infinite number of possibilities to focus on, entertain, nurture and choose.

Consciously aligning to Infinite Possibilities opens the next level of Living as your Divine Self. Resistance is only there because you’ve forgotten which way is the truth.

Living in Infinite Possibilities allows you to fall in love with your individuality. In essence, that’s really what you’re resisting. The next remarkable level of you. The part of you that’s now ready to be seen and heard and loved. The infinite possibilities of You.

So now you have the opportunity to open yourself to the power of Infinite Possibilities. Lean into your resistance with the truth of what IS. Choose to allow Infinite Possibilities to open up and free yourself from the limited perceptions holding you back.

The seven Isms® are powerful spiritual tools that unify you with your inherent powers of creation. You can find out more about them by filling in your details below.