Sacred Sequence for Success

7 Day Transformation





Sacred Sequence for Success

The outcomes were rapid and took me by surprise – doors opened immediately and opportunities flooded in. So much so that I then decided to repeat the sequence a week later to help me cope with building success without worry I felt about how much work there was to be done!

Jane Robotham

Personal Effectiveness Facilitator, Wellbeing Coach and Nursing Wellness Educator , Soul Clarity

“I take myself to Divine Love . . . and activate the seeds of success within.”

Seven days of activating and aligning your success codes.

See your reality clearly and understand your Divine power.

Move from impossible to possible.

Experience Success.

  • Is there a confusing and frustrating gap between the possibilities you sense for your life and your outer reality?
  • Do you feel inspired to express your gifts and talents in ways that  make a difference, but feel lost as to how to realize this passion?
  • Despite doing work on yourself and living a conscious life, are you finding the ‘how to’s’ not happening?
  • Do you feel the excitement of breaking through old patterns, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into old patterns?
  • Is that feeling of not knowing uncomfortable, and annoying?

All these are clues pointing you to your next step.

  • Live a life of contentment
  • Feel like you’re making a contribution
  • Know life is meant to be “better” than it currently is.
  • Master and embody your SoulPathway.
  • Accept Universal Support and direction.
  • Reveal your keys and experience synchronicity that finds you in the right place, at the right time.

Yes, you still need to take the action, but as you become more conscious of your SoulSignature as you work with the Sacred Sequence of Success, the experience has greater joy and ease. Not always easy, but greater ease within your experience and sense of contentment.

What’s involved?

The Sacred Sequence for Success Program is a digital program that you download. It includes both audio and pdf files.

You simply listen to Divinely channeled Sacred Verse, set to magical music. When guided, you engage with Activator Template symbols, which spark a sequence of healing. The combination creates energetic healing that lights up your DNA  codes. You cannot experience what is not activated within.

The unique powerful Activator Templates connect you with courage inside and out, they trigger synchronicity and you have a tool for ever that keeps you in alignment with your success.

 How does it work?

After purchase, you receive an email with simple instructions to formulate your SoulPathway Statement. This is what you use each morning as you activate self healing.

Starting the following morning you receive an email with Sacred Verse and Activator Template. Each morning for the next six days you receive the next in the Sacred Sequence for Success.

All you need to do is listen and focus with the Activator Template. Simple and transforming.

This powerful combination of symbology held within the Activator Template, AND the channeled verse creates success pathways, like never before.

The Bonus Is –

It’s yours forever.

Any time you feel even more success is possible, you have the tool right there!

Magic at your finger tips.


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