The time to free your self of projections, judgements and manipulation by others is overdue.

Modifying, molding, bending and twisting to meet expectations not in alignment with your truth is done.

Completely over and done with.

As you go through life, you learn and grow and gain wisdom. With wise eyes and a compassionate heart, you become more authentic and radiant. Your authenticity rises to the surface, and, as there is no one else like you, you shine your light with a sense of peace and self-acceptance.

Layers that no longer fit fall away and free you up to take your true self vibrantly to the world. Life becomes simpler. You are simply you. And in being that you encourage others to be that too.

You are here to be Great Love and giving yourself the nourishment, support and care needed to do that is vital to your wellbeing.

Times are changing fast. The Universe always has your back. You are not here by accident.

Remember projections from others are not about you.

They are showing you their wounds, their blind spots, their suppressions, their unfulfilled dreams. Do not let the interpretation of others take you off your path. Take care of yourself. Look carefully. Inquire deeply, with the help of Universal Love, to the truth of the situation. Move beyond reactivity , and please do not distort and armour your heart and hide your truth.

Now is the time to understand that distorting yourself from your original divine blueprint is not sustainable. Ongoing distortion becomes increasingly uncomfortable. The greater the pain, the louder the Universe is calling to you.

You are needed. Your unique brilliance is needed right now to complete the jigsaw puzzle of life.

To fulfil your dreams, you need to show up, right now as that person. To reclaim your power over fears created by the limited mind and settle and centre yourself right smack bang in the middle of your heart, the landing platform for your Soul.

As you do this life carries you to places, experiences and relationships that activate and expand your organic radiance as an aware, awake woman. You have that power and choice. It is not in the hands of others. The pathway to this peace is held in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. You really need to show up as that. And we need to help each other show up.

Choices made through the lense of Divine Love, provide support for all in the ensuing consequences. This is what the Divine Feminine is so good at. Being conscious of the impact on all involved, and preparing for that impact.

Is this Resonating?

Join me on December 17 to jointly activate the Divine Feminine Power of Truth within you and your life. An online gathering of inspiring women who want to know they are not doing it alone. Do your part in coming together to activate the light frequency to keep propelling us further and further into the arms of Divine Love. The place we all know so intimately in our own Souls.