Your Dreams Matter

$55.00 plus gst

Your Dreams and Desires Matter.

Your Dreams and Desires are the quickest way to your greatest contribution and fulfilling life. They are the most potent, life-changing knowings you can offer.

Your dreams are the energy that allows you to create your life from a place of overflow, nourishment and love.

This three-part program clears you to dream big and dream real.

It brings you into alignment with your true Dreams. The ones you may not have ever really allowed yourself.

The magical process clears and activates in Part 1. Clarity and connection are magnified.

Part 2: Allow, Receive and Be the Dream you know is within you.

And Part 3 is the most powerful attunement tool you’ll have in your energy toolbox. (You can actually use it for other things too, but don’t tell anyone. )


Includes 3 guided activation meditations.

You receive a personal link to Soundcload. You can listen to the recordings from any device, anywhere. Bonus!

Part 1 you listen to for three days, for amplified clarity and greater awareness. As your frequency rises, this powerful journey clears the cobwebs of restriction or non-allowance.

The second recording lands and connects the energy and frequency to this time and space. The guided transformation works with the energy fields to land your dream here, for it to become your reality,

Part 3, is a very powerful attunement experience. You become congruent with your Dreams and vise versa. An essential component for reality changes.


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