Here’s Whats Included:

6 x 90 minute zoom calls between now and December 15, 2022


A unique combination of leading edge consciousness, fresh high energy and quantum truths.

  • Frequency First.
  • Energy elevates.
  • Action implements.


  • Calls are between 60 and 90 minutes
  • Held on Zoom
  • Will be recorded.

Questions are encouraged and invited and transformed live on the calls.


1 call in October,  2 calls in November and December.

Each call is at 9.30am AEST (not Daylight savings time)

  • Tuesday October 25, 2022
  • Tuesday November 8 and 22
  • Tuesday December 6 and
  • Thursday December 15.

Questions are encouraged and invited and transformed live on the calls.


You will have an embodiment practice to apply after each call.

Recordings are there within 24 hours for you to re-listen to your “aha moments.”

Strength Radiance Clarity Group Class

$555.00 plus gst

These last months of 2022 are pivotal in setting the ground work for 2023.
You’ll receive the energy and awareness from what’s going on around you in a way that cracks open the possibilities for your 2023.

Our preparation is different now.  They are simple and sound ways to show up empowered, gritty and committed to being the elements of the new world emerging that are relevant and empowering for you.

It’s easy for the collapse of the old to look like a sh*t show. That’s why we need to do this work together.

So you

  • keep making a difference,


  • keep making choices that generate universal love and incredible possibilities.

$555.00 plus gst

Achieve real results from deep transformation.

Set yourself free by discovering what you really desire. Deciding how life gets to be for you and choosing to live it, now.

Group On-line Class

Build confidence in knowing the steps to take in your life to align with your big desires and highest self on a daily basis, so your success, income, impact and freedom just keep GROWING.

Strengthening the muscles of knowing yourself, Soul and Source is the most radiant, stabilising thing you can do for yourself.

You are the living Will of the Universe in Action.

How different would your choices be when you give yourself permission to ACTUALLY BE YOU and RECEIVE?

Every area of your life is connected. So yes, as you deepen your mastery of strength, radiance and clarity this extends into expansion of  business/career, wealth, relationships, heart truth, mindset and more.

Even amongst the chaos and uncertainty what if you were still absolutely turned on by life? What fabulous inspiration would you be then?

Life created by the vibrant, exotic dance of intuition and intellect is the one you’ve been dreaming of.  You’ve never forgotten the steps.


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