Sacred Sequence for Success

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Be Your Successful You

Sacred Sequence for Success is perfect if you’re ready to

  • Live a life of contentment
  • Feel like you’re making a contribution
  • Know life is meant to be “better” than it currently is.
  • Accept Universal Support and direction.
  • Trust Universal Support and direction.

This includes over 20 suggestions for “Success Statements” aligned to activating your success.

They are linked with chakra energies to help you choose the  most effective statement. This “Success Statement” is what you use each morning as you align to the Sacred Sequence of the Successful YOU.

Downloadable mp3 file of 7 Sacred Verse meditations, over 20 powerful success statements and full colour Activator Templates all included for


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Sacred Sequence for Success

To walk this life with a sense of success, peace, and an energy of vitality, requires connection. At the core of that connection is Source, or Universal Love Force.

The Sacred Sequence of Success deepens and strengthens this connection. It raises your consciousness and your frequency. It works with Quantum Physics and ancient symbols.

It finds you

  • more aligned,
  • more alert and
  • more alive.

Signs this is for you

  • Is it time to have a clearer enchanting vision of your future?
  • Do you feel inspired to express your gifts and talents in ways that  make a difference, but feel lost as to how to realize this passion?
  • Despite doing work on yourself and living a conscious life, are you finding the ‘how to’s’ not happening?
  • Do you feel the excitement of breaking through old patterns, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into old patterns?
  • Are you yearning to have more passion and drive?

All these are clues directing you
to the Sacred Sequence for Success so you:-

  • Have more energy
  • Accept Universal support and direction.
  • Feel more peace
  • Trust Universal support and direction
  • Be the best You, you can be.
  • Laugh more
  • Know you are on track


Yes please, I’m ready for my Success.


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