New Ways of 2022

New Ways of 2022

A 12 month Mastery Class accelerating your presence and contribution.

Jump on these fabulous calls once a month and receive the latest universal intel that is the missing piece or the key that turns the lock to your next steps and choices.

Nature has a way of placing the perfect information, energies and activations right in front of you. Of course you do need to show up to them.

The calls are highly transformative in themselves. Then you receive harmonizing frequencies each month to contribute to your on going confidence and stability.

$1,111.00 plus gst

If you would prefer to pay in two instalments of $555.50 please click the Paypal Subscribe button below.

You will be charged $555.50 now and $555.50 in one months time.

You are making two payments of $555.50 plus gst. You will be charged $555.50 now and in one months time.

$555.50 plus gst x 2

Meet the new energy - Integrate the new energy - Be the new energy.

  • Each month you are guided to tune into the emerging consciousness. Grace brings to you the awareness, the frequency and the implications of the next step up in consciousness.
  • She'll introduce it to you, explain how it's playing out in life (on a personal and global level).
  • Then you're taken through an experiential connection and integration of this new energy.
  • When we come back from that frequency activation, the call is opened up for sharing and deeper awareness and application  into everyday life.
  • New ways of 2022 weaves your unique potential and the emerging energies and consciousness together so you show up as your brightest most brilliant self.

THAT's the new way of 2022!

We begin on super powerful December 19 full moon.
Then monthly online gatherings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
10.00am - 11.30pm AEST concluding November 2022.

Each of the 12 powerful sessions is:
​90 minutes
All sessions are recorded and made available within 48 hours of live event.
​In each call there is:
​♦ Clear direct downloads of current consciousness fluxes.
​​♦ What they gift. What they bring up, and who to be about it.
​​♦ Energy Updates and activations
​​♦ Universal influences, insights and integrations
​​♦ Live coaching.
​​♦ Bring your questions, experiences and insights.
​♦ ​Email questions and insights are invited prior to the call and are addressed on the live call.

AND you receive
​​♦ Specially chosen harmonics to harmonize the energies between between calls.

​​♦ Empowering tools to navigate the rest of the month.

Signature Process

Each month you access the knowledge, that turns into wisdom that gives you the confidence to be a real presence taking real action in this new earth.

Love to have you join in.

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