Heart Soul Expression

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The confidence to express your Grandest You. Your uniqueness is your strongest connection to the Divine.

10.00 – 4.00pm

Tuesday 1 DECEMBER 2015

This day is Fun with a capital F. In a safe resonate field of connection and acceptance, the voice of your soul is welcomed and the fields of possibilities expanded.

On December 1 we spend the whole day exploring expression.

A day focused on aligning you to express your fullest potential. Discovering how to weave it through each part of your life creating a new fabric of reality. See why I called it Fun.

You’ll learn:

  1. Three aspects of expressing your You.
  2. How to shape these three aspects together to continue to expand your experience of your potential.
  3. To create specific, resonant, personalized mantras, AND how to use them for greatest impact


  1. Extensive notes.
  2. A Heart Soul Expansion Grid layout. Wow! Wait till you feel the aligning energy of these grids. You receive the components of the grid so you can do it at home too!
  3. Vegetarian lunch and nibbles. Tea and coffee.

Just imagine 2016 spiralling out as your greatest Expression of your unique, valuable You.


Bonus for purchasing all three days at once HERE.

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