Heart Soul Connection

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Connection gives you an eternal resource of love guidance and truth. It expands your access and trust of your intuitive voice.

10.00 – 4.00pm

Tuesday 17 November, 2015

As this becomes your foundation, or starting point for choices and decisions, your world reflects this to you.

Connection makes all the difference. If you’re not connected, no matter how many times you flick the switch the light doesn’t come on.

On November 17 we spend the whole day in connection.

You focus, allow and expand your connection to soul and spirit.

You upgrade your download speed.

You learn

  1. An amazing technique called FREE that brings you back into connection within minutes.
  2. To re direct your mind chatter
  3. The four biggest disconnectors and how to transform them.


  1. Extensive notes,
  2. MP3 recording of connective meditation.
  3. Vegetarian lunch and nibbles. Tea and coffee.

Just imagine starting 2016 Connected and aligned to your intuitive Resource. Empowering.


Bonus for purchasing all three days at once HERE.

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