Consciousness Connector 3

$17.00 plus gst

Three Questions

Ready to dive deeper? Explore multiple facets of your business’s energy landscape. Pose three questions, and I unravel the threads connecting them. Each response is a pathway to unraveling your soul potential and expanding your impact.


You receive a personalised unique touch of magic from Grace Ambrook.

After you’ve purchased your prefered one or three question option, you receive an email with guidelines on great ways to ask a question that opens up the energy the most. (Please see some provisos on questions below.)

Within 48 hours you’ll receive via email your personalised voice recording of my insight. (This is such fun!)

This is NOT an AI response. This is a personal energy read – tapping into the possibilities and pathways based on you and your situation, not what’s sourced from the masses.

Through this personalized audio recording ranging from 4 to 15 minutes, depending on which option you choose, you’ll receive a key to unlocking next steps.

Each response includes:

  • an energetic read,
  • illuminating insights,
  • suggestions to shift energy based on newfound awareness, and
  • even a brief sound healing component to integrate the transformative shift.

This unique gift is a combination of personal and professional experience, coupled with rather uncommon deep clear reframes and a highly transformative approach.

My intention is to provide the guiding light for those seeking to embrace their true selves, and are willing to accept their unique potential to create a more vibrant future for themselves and the world.


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