Activate Your Dreams and Desires

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Special Price runs through to June 30,3023

The Up-Level Activation of Dreams and Desires was such a powerful call.

The energy really wants to keep running and activating an incredible momentum of clarity, freedom and focus for others.

Your Dreams and Desires hold the best of you within them.

And the best of you is not only what you came here to experience from a soul perspective, it’s also a powerful ripple effect of bigger, better, more conscious lives on this planet.

Some of the participants have reported remarkable reduction of stress in what was a major stressor in their life. That’s the wonder of working at this Source Codes Level.

We really shifted the common destructive energy that turns desires into wants.

Wants are based in have nots and is a major factor when “desires” don’t eventuate. Because you’ve been treating them as wants.

Instead of that, participants now have this easy way to connect with the energy and space of their desires – resulting in a full body experience of them. Can’t tell you how nurturing that is to your Being.

Remember your dreams and desires hold the best of you within them. That’s why they matter.

Up-Levelling Activations of your Source Codes.
Ignite the personal power and embodiment of being all you truly are. 

Cultivate being the tuned in, connected, luminary woman who speaks her heart through a calibrated mind and maintains the clarity, strength and light of her ultimate essence.

As we are immersing ourselves into times of rapid change, the flexibility and stability of our future lives is embedded in your Dreams and Desires.

These are the spaces that stretch you into being more of who you truly be.

Allowing your dreams and desires to be real and true is pivotal in the emergence of the new earth. They hold keys to your greatest contribution.

We'll be activating the source codes - igniting the energies, growing your connection and commitment - collapsing the limitations and blockages.

You are not here by accident. Some of your coding has been waiting for this time to truly come alive and be part of your life force.

If that's you - I'd love to be in creation and service with you.

I'm inviting you to activate with me.


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