resistance2Resistance is so annoying! It gets in the road, has you running in circles, leaves you feeling frustrated, despondent and angry. When you’re screaming from the rafters, “I am not resistant”, you most probably are. It’s likely, right now you’re saying I’m not resistant. If so, read on. You could be surprised.


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If you consciously want something to change, if you feel you know what has to change and yet nothing does, there is resistance. Resistance can be very tricky. It quite often sits at the level where you can sort of see it, but it is so ingrained that you don’t see the repercussions of its presence. You know it’s there, but you don’t really see the impact it has. Because of its familiarity, you can’t clearly see its impact. As far as you’re concerned, you’re doing what you need to do. Why don’t things just change ?!?

Step 1: Take your power back.

In order for things to change, something has to change. The only thing that you have any empowerment over is you. This means the change is within you.

Step 2: Identify your blindspot?

A blind spot works in the energy of  “if this . . .  then that”.

Look at what your strongest belief is around the situation.

Examples are;

  • If I go, they will be in pain, they will be angry.
  • If I am wealthy, I must be greedy or uncaring for others financial position.
  • If I step into my true self, “they” wont like it, and will leave, or nobody will like me, or be interested in what I have to offer.

A common blind spot is that there will be no support. Blindspots are great friends with your ego.

Step 3: Acknowledge your fear.

Once you admit there is fear at play, you can move beyond it.  If you keep saying, I am not in fear, well you can’t move something if you refuse to acknowledge it’s there.

Fear can sound like this, “Maybe I’m not who I think I am, maybe I’m just pretending.”

or “Perhaps I will be exposed in some way. Am I able to handle that exposure?”

Sometimes it can feel scary to look at the pain that is keeping you in resistance. “If I look at what I’m hanging on to maybe I won’t be able to handle the pain contained in that.”

Guess what?fish

If you were not able to handle all that, you would not be facing what you are facing. Your Life, capital L, does not bring up ‘stuff’ until you are ready to move beyond it, or you’re ready to swim in a fresh new bowl of reality.

Try trusting this truth and see how your reality changes.

Remember we are always evolving into higher consciousness and greater awareness.

Pain is a call for Love.

These pockets of resistance are just places within where there is a lack of love. Any pain is a call for more Love. How can you bring more love to your resistance?

In today’s collective consciousness, there is such a hang up of having to take the “right action”. It either paralyses people into non action, or has them grasping at anything that comes their way, oh this must be it!

A rich life is not based on right or wrong. It is nestled in the arms of experience, learning,  and belief in the power of Universal Love, lived through the Soul.

It is centered in kindness, self responsibility and care of the self within the well-being of the whole. It leads us to understanding the difference between caretaker love and Universal Love.

Limitation lacks lustre

Maintaining an unhealthy, uncomfortable status with in your life experience, inhibits your evolution, and limits not only your own pathway to greater expression of your true self, but creates limitation energy around you.

If however, you notice your resistance, this immediately reduces it power over you. If you continue to laugh it off, “oh well, that’s just the way it is, or I am, ”  it will take off again, in a new form.

Can you feel the fields of fear having a festival?

Resistance shows itself in fascinating ways.

Not taking action is the most obvious. Distractions and excuses abound.

We can get pretty clever at that. Leaving your spiritual practice till the end of the day. “I was too tired. I will definitely do it tomorrow. “ When you give into resistance, nothing changes. If you don’t do the work, if you fail to show up for your appointment, if you don’t do the exercise, if you don’t prioritize the time, resistance proves you right. Nothing changes. If you keep feeding yourself the sames messages, you guessed it.

Mostly resistance is the fear of projected pain, your own or that which you imagine you create for another. “Will they like it? Will they understand? Will they think I’m being ridiculous or selfish or stupid? What happens if it doesn’t work, will I look ridiculous, will I loose all my money or all my friends?”

Oh wow, can you feel the fields of fear having a festival?

Acceptance as a Key

Accept you are in resistance. Approach the unwinding of the pain as a mystery and immediately all will start to shift. Will it all be smooth sailing from there? Maybe, maybe not.

I reckon if you’re going to be in any discomfort, better on the path of realization than the circles of resistance. The first one definitely goes away, the second one never does.

Tools for shifting resistance

Tool 1:

Place your hands on your belly, below your navel and make the following statement.

“I call to elemental Water, to assist in returning me to the organic flow of my life.  The flow that finds me courageous, clear and confident in my course through life.  In this flow I receive support and intuitive guidance and all is well.”


Tool 2:

Click over to the Resonators page, where you’ll find a growing library of  On-line healing tools for positive change. Look for the  Lifting Patterns Resonator.  That’s what it does.

I hope this helps you shift your resistance and finds you “in that better place”, you desire.

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