Outcreate Obstacles

While you unconsciously stay in polarity, what’s good or bad, who’s right or wrong, who should or shouldn’t be doing this or that, we maintain a series of judgements on ourselves, others and life itself. 

Judgments immediately minimize and contain energy.

Lifeforce goes no further than the judgement itself. 

When judgements begin to no longer “work for you”, is when you move into  recognising “it” as an obstacle. 

Globally, humanity is recognising racism as an obstacle for the wellbeing and future of humanity.

As you witness and acknowledge obstacles in your personal life, you’re ready to outcreate what you’ve been experiencing.

Your desire and intention to remember AND access the nugget of universal possibility and power that is within you is what propels you forward into new ways.

This is why outcreating is way more exciting than overcoming. 

Overcoming is still making a judgement on the “negative”. 

Consequently you stay out of your power and unconsciously maintain the pendulum effect, of being in or out of a pattern. No sustainable momentum there.

In Outcreating Obstacles starting September 15 BOTH  the karmic DNA influence and the present day patterning entangled in “the obstacle” are addressed. 

This results in rapid ongoing transformation.  When you switch on the light held in the DNA, it lights up your whole life. Much more fun than years of disassembling your judgements of what isn’t..

This is for you if:

If you are in the slipstream of

  • conscious co-creation of your greatest life,
  • as an active part of the greatest world and
  • have the consciousness to acknowledge that you see, know and trust beyond what’s playing out for you,

then this is a perfect possibility for you.

Outcreating Obstacles is not for you if:

You are still dedicated to wanting to judge what’s “not working”,  or “not happening.”

You are deeply invested in being right, rather than being All that You Are.

This outcreation process is probably not for you yet.

This Outcreation adventure could be just what you’ve been asking for.

Kath has experienced this process, so have a listen to what she has to say.



A 3 week expansion into what’s coming.

Starts September 15.

  • One live teaching call per week for 3 weeks.
  • 3 x Facebook live Live coaching QandA calls
  • 3 powerful outcreation processes you have forever.

Lets consciously create what’s coming for You.

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