Confidence in your spiritual gifts is a life changer. Accepting your gifts and building your confidence with and in them accesses your abundant life.

Confidence based in ego is very fragile. True confidence, confidence in your spiritual gifts holds you in a field of expansive possibilities.

What Does it Mean to be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T?

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your self and your unique take on the world. You have a belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

True confidence has no relationship to ego. True confidence is held within and shone outwardly, mostly with no thoughts of being or feeling confident. It emerges from your connection to your inner self.

People who are confident share these important characteristics:


Confident people are capable.   They know they are enough, right where there are. They have no need to feel they know it all. They do know they are enough to handle a situation, and the integrity to seek out any necessary help information or skill they require.

Knowing you are your greatest resource protects you from stress. By believing in yourself, and knowing your capabilities you face life with gratitude and assurance.


Confident people own their opinions, emotions, feelings, words, and their choices.

Even when others don’t approve, they have a strong connection with their choices, they know how they have come about and where they feel they will take them.

No justification. No explanation.


Nourish means to supply and sustain. Confident people nourish themselves with re-assurance, acceptance and understanding.

They keep their dreams and goals alive, by nourishing them daily with inspired action. They know nourishing a seed, gives it it’s greatest potential for growth.


Confident people engage in the present moment.

They front up to the life that is right there in front of them.

The future emerges from the present. Concentrate on what’s in front of you, right now. There’s probably something exciting in it.


Confident people are true to themselves. They are not driven by what others may think of their outlook, appearance or attitude. They honor who they really are and will do things that honor their true selves, despite what others may say or think. Bear in mind truly confident people are kind and compassionate, as they have no reason to compare, complain or criticize others.

When people are true to themselves they feel more comfortable, and that is the key to confidence. When you are true to yourself, you allow others to be the same.


People with confidence have a physical presence. It shows in their posture, body language, eye contact, and dress.

Confidence is an inside energy, radiating out. (That’s how some people look fabulous in their tracky dacks!)


Confident people, extend into their abilities, rather than giving up.

They take heart inspired risks, know challenges happen, and appreciate sometimes things do not turn out the way they envisaged. They take the time to appease their inner judge. In doing so they find the light hidden in all experience.


Confident people nurture and support their gifts and strengths. They continue to create and choose environments where their skills are required and respected. They take courses, read books, get coaching to nurture their ongoing expansion into their greatest self.

They also nurture others by giving credit for work, encouraging progress, and offering compliments and sincere praise.


Confident people take action. A confident person acts on their intuitive impulses and goals and does not let fear of failure get in their way.

They take action in alignment with their dreams, their highest good and the highest good of the whole. Taking action is the ultimate reward of confidence.


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It’s a gift 🙂 The more confident people are in their spiritual gifts, the better place the world becomes.