The power to heal through any struggle lies in the heart.
It is called courage.

The courage to trust your heart is the pathway that leads you to fulfilling your destiny.

Beyond the wonders of the heart on a physical level, the heart is the field of integration of your unique expression of Creator, your Divine in action. It is the field where you receive divine guidance at the sense of the deepest knowing. Your vision received through your third eye, your connection through your crown, is integrated at your heart through your knowing. Your heart is the source of all divinely inspired action.

Confusion can separate when the mind takes the reigns too early and starts to direct the possibilities by its limited version of reality.

Give yourself permission to dream big.

First you must listen to the inner calling, that only knows love and infinite potential to create more Universal Love. You must make a choice to listen and answer the undefinable pull of an inner knowing and passion. Part of this pull you can consciously identify. Other parts not so much. However you do recognise and know them at another level.

Do not let the mind defer or deter.

You are being asked to set yourself free from the restraints of the mind.

The mind can only analyze and bring logic to the table. We all know we do not live in a rational dimension. The heart feels the fire of the passion, the truth of connection, the mystery of the unknown and the pull of the potential. The potential to fulfill your unique service to Mother Earth and the evolution of love here. It comes from a commitment to the passionate truth held within, shrouded by mystery and challenge, yet compelling by nature.

Courage, from the heart, also desires re-assurance. It needs to know it’s allowed to dream big. It’s allowed to go beyond the logical. It needs to tap into the truth that the real playground of Courage is in connection with the heart, your soul and creator. This is the field of formation for courageous choices and clear direction without needing to know how. Bold changes happen when the courageous heart sets the dream free through empowered choice and an openness to potential.

The hearts of many are touched and lit up through witnessing such acts. It is part of being in service to the unfolding of Love as sovereignty on Mother Earth. You touch others lives in unseen ways, but know for sure the courageous heart does not go unnoticed. So often all that is needed by another is the witnessing of an inspired act of courage to free the same choice within themselves.

Where ever you are feeling in need for courage right now, go deep into your heart. Do not let the mind limit your potential to the field of infinite possibilities. Stay connected with your heart and allow yourself the pleasure of living your purpose vividly.

Courage is built on knowing not knowledge.

Find the Courage to Take that Step Now.

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