The Key to Spiritual Strength.

A very profound truth emerged from my wellness breathing and toning session with Dean Frenkel the other day.

We were discussing the signature voice, the “sweet spot” and it’s relationship to the ability to hold one long continuos note for an extended time. Dean held the record in the Guinness world Records from 2005 to 2009 for the person holding the longest continuos note.

My experience of this sweet spot, is the joy of instant recognition. The split second you feel and hear the sound emerge, you feel its resonance and know you are on a winner. Effort initially is minimal, as you allow breath and tone to flow as one from you.

Back to the Key . . .

So there we were engaged in a merry banter, and out of Dean’s mouth, in a profound sequence of vowels and consonants emerged “ It’s a matter of relying on strength rather than tension.”

What a propelling paradigm, applicable to life across the board.

Through dedication, open hearted inquiry, research, play and practice, strength is developed. It’s strength that enables you to relax into, and trust.

As you build vocal strength, the body is able to resonate at a specific tone for an extended period. A vastly difference experience from trying to “hold” one continuous note for 60 seconds.

Effort is just a place you visit

Some progress is made through tension. And there is tension in learning. You try different things, sometimes “working hard at it”. You put yourself through different postures in order to “make it happen.” And these “postures” are places that you visit along the way in building strength. But they are places you visit, not the destination.

Mastery is not in the tension, it is in the strength.

Mastery is the room you create within where you have the confidence to rely on the strength you have built. You do not just get that. You can’t go and purchase it and install it in your body and your being. You actually have to experience and explore and build and acknowledge and grow that strength.

And so for me, the parallel that jumped out from our conversation, was its relevance to our spiritual development. How applicable it is to the development of our intuition, our connection with the greater aspects of ourselves and allowing ourselves to resonate as a true reflection of our gifts, purpose and passions, what I call our SoulSignature.


Spiritual strength is gathered and built, through nourishing, nurturing, experiencing and most importantly living. Living as your SoulSignature. To answer the calling to be in resonance, and expand your pathways of experience as your build your Spiritual Strength. The strength that is built through experience.

Sometimes there is tension in our experience. It’s okay. It’s building strength. The experience is not the destination. It is a KEY for building the strength of your Spiritual Connection.

The key delivered by Dean was the ability to rely on the strength we have built up, and release the tension we create.

The more time we spend in conscious connection with our greater selves, being true to our SoulSignature, dancing to our own tune, harmonizing with our own sound, the more strength we build.

How very inspiralling!


Dean Frenkel

Dean Frenkel

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