In my old house I wasn’t able to put the kettle and the toaster on without blowing a fuse. I got used to that. I had my timing all worked out so as to have hot tea and toast for breakfast and not have to visit the fuse box.

I moved recently, 1800 km up the coast into a new state in Australia. New environments are golden opportunities to change habits. The old triggers aren’t there. So here I am in my lovely new environment settling in, loving my walk in pantry, discovering the best way to light the griller (out with the old toaster which had its own curious idiosyncrasies devoid of any relationship to the numbers on the slider) and here I am . . . still thinking about the timing of the kettle! Hilarious!

The Change

There are good and bad habits, and whenever we make the empowered choice to change, there is a lapse between our intention and our actions. The mere fact that you’ve noticed is the key. It means you are on track. You are living consciously, not habitually. You are present in that moment and in that moment you have choice.


Your greatest friend through change is compassion.

Compassion for your self. Compassion turns a blind eye to the judge and goes straight to love. Love sees your intention, your commitment, your choice to make positive change for yourself..

There is no place for the judge here. Return your thoughts back to your intention, breathe.

Allow yourself moments to re centre, so you emerge as the person you are choosing to be.

Laugh out loud.


Celebrate your consciousness with some kind words to yourself.

Feel into your intention and continue to move in the direction of living an empowered life.

I invite anyone to ask me in another 3 weeks about how I have to time my toast and tea and I’ll look at you with a puzzled face.