Immune Brilliance

37  trillion cells all coordinating and functioning to maintain our existence is a miracle in and of itself, when you think about it. 

 Within our physical bodies we have, what’s referred to as our Immune system. Our Immune system comprises various components. Many of these are  still not fully understood, but they all collaborate together to keep us well and vital. 

What a ripper of  an intention and expression of love our immune system is. 

What’s often overlooked is the incredible creativity of this system. 

Not only does it 

  • Recognize things it hasn’t seen before. 
  • It then determines what sort of action to take in response to it. 
  • And  then . . . incredibly . . .   just think about this for a moment or two, it goes about creating a brand new anti-body in response to it. 

Each time it comes across something new, it creates something new in response. A veritable creative genius. 

It makes no judgement. It simply responds to what is required to maintain full function of the miracle of the physical body.


The current virus is called a Corona virus. Corona means crown. The viral disconnect through the crown chakra of collective humanity has the world in fear. A strong connection through the crown chakra to all that is, knows no fear. It is the connector to infinite knowing, and infinite Love, where fear simply cannot exist. 

So while the majority of humanity may be playing in the field of fear, there is an invitation here. An invitation to make a genuine contribution to wellness and regaining our power to be in healthy partnership with the miracles that are our bodies. 

So please take a moment  to be in deep gratitude, wonder and awe at the power of your immune system. 

A centre of creative genius within your being, fueled by the love of your physicality. .

You can then go a step further if you choose.

Be in the same state of love, wonder and awe for the immune system of humanity. For while you are in that space, the fear cannot exist. 

And remember, as a result of the new creation of an antibody, our bodies are stronger. More prepared, more knowing of ALL that exists on this plane called earth. Our bodies actually come to a place of accomodation of all things on this plane with no judgement. 

It remembers Love of all things and functions from there.