Create an Abundance Reality Aligned to your Divine Destiny

Hi Grace

Just thought I’d let you know how I have gotten on with your prosperity webinar and course.

The first few parts of the course had me on a bit of a high.

It was more than about abundance and also felt like a connection to “All that there is” so it was a wonderful feeling that connection to source and how supportive that felt.

I do practice your notes and find I do have to come back to them when some old thought patterns return or old karma comes up for some clearing.  But I do have to say there is a strength that came with the doing the course I felt more aligned, safe and stronger in general and feel clearer about my abundance direction.

Things feel more solid should I say, less flimsy. Things are going well and improved, I feel more in control of my finances and now I’m working on feeling in control of my business, it not controlling me.

I really loved what you have created in this webinar and want to tell everyone they should do it.

It really is liberating letting go of outmoded and outdated energy patterns around survival. Who would want to hold onto them, but alas sometime I find myself doing so , so your constant refining via the course material is important if not essential. I feel excited about the future and keen to keep moving along in a forward motion.

Thanks Grace, once again I feel blessed and humbled by your generosity and it is so great to see you creating great shifts in peoples conscious awareness and evolvement, I know I feel very blessed being helped to see the truth under the illusion.
Lots and lots of love.

Vanessa Herwerth

Vanessa Herwerth

Massage Therapist, Ambience Massage and Healing

I participated in Grace Ambrook’s Illuminating Prosperity course late 2016.

I never expected the information I was given to change my life so profoundly. For one I didn’t know how I was limiting my connection to abundance in all areas of my life, nor why I was stuck in my current financial limitations and how to get out of them.

During the course Grace cleared the patterns I have held for years that limited my financial freedom. Once that was done, I was able to use the simple yet powerful energetic techniques to continue to open myself to the energy of abundance.

I felt the changes immediately and things began shifting before my eyes. Opportunities appeared out of no-where, my ability to manifest skyrocketed, so much so that I am now in a position to leave my part time job and focus solely on my passion!

The life I have dreamed of is now forming in front of me. It is real, it is happening and I am 100% convinced it is because I did the Illuminating Prosperity course. I can feel I am living in full connection to the abundance that is within me, within all of us and I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you Grace for the incredible impact you have had in my life.

Jane Robatham

Founder, Soul Clarity

In 6 weeks your experience of Abundance completely changes.

This is a from the inside out program. You do the inside energetic work, align it to exterior physical outcomes and manifest miraculous results.

Just using one of the processes I teach, I manifested one new client, and a business opportunity that raised my exposure substantially in less than two hours.  I did the process at 7.30 am and that’s what happened by 9.15am that same morning, coming back from a birthday coffee with friends.

You become one with the expression of Abundance.

You start on-line straight away.

Manifest expanded channels of abundance.

One program participant, a single mum who’s ex-partner decided he wanted “his house” back, manifested a friend offering to loan her the money to buy him out.

This program expands the channels of supply.

Expand your Experience of Prosperity

Yes we work with energy, changing beliefs, shifting paradigms, releasing programing and whatever it takes, but you also set a clear goal to work with. Intention and focus are paramount.

When you use your focus and intention in collaboration with the True Source, than things really do shift.

You discover where you have been holding yourself back. And stop doing that!

You build financial confidence and financial goals.

Activate a Brand new Relationship with Abundance.

If you’ve been viewing abundance in a skewed way, then the relationship will be skewed. Knowing the universal principles of Abundance allows you to create a brand new relationship with prosperity, to flourish and prosper in so many ways.

New relationships of all kinds require nurturing and nourishing. You learn how to do this, so your relationship is a long term one, not a holiday romance.

Align to a pure connection with Abundance and make empowered choices and abundant progress.

What’s Included in the 6 week on line program?

Create an Abundance Reality Aligned to your Divine Destiny


7 video modules Includes:


  1. Introductory Video and six 75 minute video modules.


2.  Every module includes a process and energetic transmission that builds your abundance.


3. It includes tools of connection, alignment, activation and circulation to use over and over.


4. You work with a clear intention and focus of your own.


5. Empowering worksheets and instructions to track your progress. (pdf format)


7. You can listen and relisten. Every time you seem to hear something new that expands your connection to Abundance.



Connection is key.

Discover true source of abundance, how to connect fully with it.

Know the difference between source and channels, and how to work with Source to expand your channels of abundance.

Building Trust of Abundance. Feeling free at last.

Now you’re connected, we clear.

Outmoded programs, limiting imprints, old beliefs. Stagnant energy, family story out they go.

Bring the power and the responsibility back into your own heart and power center. Which is where it needs to be for you to create the Abundance Reality that is true to you.

Fabulous technique here to stop the mind taking over and telling you BS stories of limitation and struggle.

Circulating Abundance.

Set clear intention and focus. Get some numbers down. Know how to circulate those numbers.

Align, activate and circulate. Watch things move now.

Circulating your abundance with this new awareness takes some practice, but the results are so worth it.

Surrounding yourself with four vital components of Abundance. These are the things that ensure you achieve the goals you set in the previous module.

Empowering yourself to generate, collaborate and hold the space for Abundance. You’ll be surprised what shows up in this module. But more importantly you’ll be prosperously enchanted by the results.

In this module you receive the essential tool, the anchoring process that keeps you connected, aligned and circulating Abundance. This is the tool that shifts the change in your relationship from a romantic holiday to a long term prosperous relationship.

Okay, so much change, so much to be celebrated. The last module is a recording of  live coaching.  This is rich with insight, inspiration and expansion of the truth of Abundance and how it shows up for everyone.

Results speak for themselves.