You have to make a decision. An avalanche of possibilities echo nosily around in your head. Time ricochets into the past and then fires off into the future. “What if I make the wrong choice and it goes ape sh**?”

Right now it’s all too confusing, and the indecision unbearable.

The internal critic keeps collecting a whole lot of projected “facts” from one side of the story. The next day, a whole heap of “other facts” take over like a plague.

The Result. . . . No decision.

No decision, no outcome.

Worry is wearing you thin,  and energy levels keep dropping.  Indecision just keeps feeding the pain. It’s lousy for everyone.

Your heart aches, yearning for direction and a “perfectly clear” decision. The wise woman is attempting to stand up and be heard, but gets ambushed by the frightened mind.

What if there was a trustworthy way of making a decision?

A way where you feel so strongly that you’re doing what you really need to do. To do what your soul is begging you to do.  A way where you collaborate with your highest potential and the greatest good for all.  A truly collaborative way.

If something is not good for one person, it cannot, by Universal Principle, be good for another. If you entertain any other possibility, you are probably wrapped up in martyrdom. (Harsh but true.)

What if there is a way to create a space that allows you to read Divine intervention clearly and guide you to best pathways and possible realities?

Supposing there is a way to stay centered in love, whilst accepting the challenges at play?

Let’s say it is possible to stay calm in the chaos and support yourself to have the conversations that have been stuffed in the “too hard basket” for too long.

Imagine there really is a way to know you are making a decision that ultimately is in the best interest for all?

What happens when you can accept it is not your job to convince others of that?

What unfolds as you realize it’s actually your job to have the courage and insight to powerfully set things in alignment with Love, even when those around you choose to stay blind and scared?

Want to know?

You unleash yourself back into your power and into the vibrant pathway of your soul. Why would you choose anything else?

I’m hearing you. How on earth do I do that?


Well . . . Prepare to release your wings. Here we go.



Accept the current situation as it is. All parts of it. Then . . .

Connect with Universal Love.

Align with your highest good, your soul.

Centre yourself in love filled possibilities.



Surrender means to make sacred. Surround this situation with all the love energy you can muster. Put your mind’s perspective of limited outcome and endless obstruction, out of the picture.

Surrender has nothing to do with giving up or giving in. It is absolutely the opposite. It is choosing to place yourself in the infinite loving possibilities of the Universe. It is the ultimate empowering pathway to resolution of all conflict.

Once you have surrendered, then you are truly able to release any agendas, projections, expectations, emotions, reactivity and fears of the unknown.

You drop into the sacred love held at the centre of all experiences and . . .




Allow it to look ugly. Release your reactivity and your emotional pattern (often guilt) that probably played a bit part in you being in this position anyway. (That’s the healing held for you in this decision.)


Remember step 1, Connect and accept.


The real power of allowing, is the birthing of  new and unexpected outcomes and pathways. Allowing in this context is really about letting the Universe co-create possibilities that have been cracked open by your connection and surrendering.


As you surrender, allow these possibilities to percolate in your consciousness. Be guided by the energy of timeliness. Allow the universe to show you unique, creative resolutions. Open up the possibilities. Start to get out of your own way.


As you do, enter into Step 4.



Listen for the messages from the Divine. Look for the signs and signals the universe is ALWAYS providing you. But look at them from the new energies/ perspectives that you have allowed through your surrender process.

Look at them knowing the Universe is wanting to support you.

Honour your feelings, rather than your emotions. Your emotions are your mental responses to your feelings. Your feelings are a reflection of your connection with your true self and the potential of your uniqueness. Feelings are much more directive than emotions. Always ask how you are feeling? Your body gifts you this answer. It is the temple for your Soul and in constant communication with your consciousness, if you listen.

Having gifted yourself with all this sacred magic, you are now ready for Step 5 . . .




Decide on Soul Inspired Action.


Light yourself up with love, truth, courage and light. Respond only to what is happening in the moment from your knowing of your love inspired choice for change. One step at a time. Take one step and reassess. Feel into what happens. Keep opening to change that overflows with potential. Change that fills your internal cup. Change that reflects your true passions and pathway of your Soul. Change that creates more light, more love and more possibilities than you can possibly imagine.


Decide to be that.

Be That!

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