Over the last years, general society has fallen into the trap of believing that the “known world”  and “ how this world works” is the source of vitality and contentment.

External stimulation and feedback has turned into assessments and  judgements. 

Judgement of 

  • self, 
  • others and
  • the world.

Judgement has become a barometer. 

The only thing judgement measures is judgement. 

And that’s where it interferes with your expertise, your gifts and your true value. A reality full of judgements is cold, hard, defined, disheartening and lonely. 

Society as a rule has chosen the need for certainty over the awareness of possibility –  over the pull of possibility.

We’ve squashed our ability to honour and receive from the source within. We’ve become terrified to turn away from the outside world, as we judge ourselves to be putting our heads in the sand, and project that it’s  likely we’ll lose everything if we don’t keep up.

The truth is there is an inner rhythm, an inner pulse – that’s urging its way into your awareness. If you give it space you’ll realize it is stewarding in a steadier, more harmonious way of being in this world. It’s a bigger space of reality where diversity in oneness is recognised as a gift for all. 

It’s time to tend to this inner well. 

It’s time to tend to this inner song.  It’s a sound the world is listening for. When you recognise yourself as a harmonizing note, you can allow things to be chosen, spoken, and created through you. 


Breathe out . . . Recognise . . . Choose.