It really depends.

Money certainly opens certain doors. Used consciously it can create great change and impact profoundly on many lives. Almost everyone is seeking more . . .

It’s fascinating though. How many people do you know who truly have both financial wealth and freedom? It seems those who don’t “have enough”, see money as the only pathway to peace of mind. And those who do have lots of money, seem to stress over keeping it at that level or fear it being taken away.

Neither of those really feel like real freedom to me.

We are here to flourish, to prosper, to be in the flow of abundance. Yes, regardless of your upbringing, or your karma. But when we place the power for something in false hands, well frankly, it ain’t going to happen! Changing your relationship with money and connecting with the true source of abundance is pivotal for freedom, and prosperity.

And if freedom is your true goal, then the tips below may help release the unhealthy attachments and inappropriate power given to money.

By reclaiming your power to create peace of mind and joy in life, you reconnect to the true Source of Abundance. I couldn’t find who first said this phrase, “You can have anything in life you choose, as long as you don’t need it.”

I know when I see a “need energy” of any kind in my clients, it contracts their energy and limits their possibilities. Energy is always moving into greater expansion, greater expression. So if we are contracting our energy, we are not working within the flow of abundance, and certainly not generating prosperity.

Money is an energy field given too much power in our current society. It is given attributes, which it simply can never deliver. But we are strongly influenced by media, news reports, family money stories, it is so easy to make it a false master of your destiny.

Wherever you currently are in your relationship with money and wealth is perfect for your growth. Make no judgement on yourself and remember that struggle is an opportunity for expansion. Step into that opportunity.

These keys help you reclaim your power. So you start creating your dreams and possibilities from the true Source, and you have a real chance of manifesting your greatest dreams into your reality.

See every financial transaction as energy expanding.

People show up in your life to show you how open and clear your own channel of abundance is. The trick here is not to make a judgement on yourself, nor to set about madly affirming “make my channels bigger.” It IS about connecting to the Universal Fields of Abundance. Shifting your paradigm.

Air does not choose who it’s being breathed by, neither do the Universal Fields of Abundance choose who to flow through.

Everything in life is making a contribution to you. What are you asking for?

The channel for abundance may be through money, or it could show up through another channel. Stay open to and connect with the infinite possibilities of creation.

Focus on what you can do in this very moment, to make that channel welcome.

Fall back in love with the mystery of life and the grandest of possibilities.

As you purchase something, acknowledge what it is contributing to your life.

Be in gratitude and joy for that contribution.

Start having fun, being creative, being aware of “truthing up” your relationship with money, and being conscious of your connection with the Universal Fields of Abundance.

Abundance is as available and non discriminatory as the air you breathe.

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