You cannot get Courage from anywhere except within You.

You know you need courage, but how do you access and build it up?

You know you want to take steps and make these changes and re-organize your life so it works for you. But you just don’t seem to take action, or at lease the right action.

The good news is there is a way to really create the life, the job, the career, the dream you aspire to.

So if you’re really ready for change for the better, then you’re in the right spot.

In just five weeks, if you follow through with the steps outlined in the blueprint, you will have used your courage to make the changes you’re ready for.

We have just activated your courage. Now you’re ready to access it and build your life the way you want it to look.

By your very own actions, beliefs and connection to Universal Love, you will create enough of a reality shift to experience greater excitement and satisfaction from making divinely inspired change.

This courage comes from Source, in alignment with your pathway of potential.

It is divinely inspired change, brought into reality through you. That not only feels good, but is aligned to universal abundance.

I’ll share the tools I used to make big changes I just KNEW I was ready for. I’ll also share the truth about why I procrastinated and why I won’t do that again. That’s where the blueprint emerged from and why I know it works.

You have a choice.

You can keep hesitating or use this blueprint and build your courage to make the change.

Normally this 5 week online blueprint course is valued at $297.00

Because you’ve already Activated your courage, by listening to the recording,

it is available at $197.00.


The first five people to register receive this blueprint for $147.00

Just enter First Five at the coupon and if you are one of the first five your purchase price will be $147.00.

If the first five have already registered then your investment is $197.00.

Access and Build your Courage Blueprint 5 week Live On-line Program Includes:

  1. 5 Live 75 minute on line webinars.  Starting Wednesday August 3 – Wednesday August 31, 2106.  7.30-8.45pm

2.  Every week includes a process that builds your courage and gives you a blueprint to use over and over.  We also have Question and Answer time.

3. Empowering worksheets and instructions to track your progress. (pdf format)

4. All calls are recorded. Best to listen live, but if you’re not able to make it, you can view the recording in your own time.

5. You’ll meet buddies who are also taking courageous steps. Nothing better than sharing the journey with like hearted souls!

PS. You will need audio and video functioning on your computer, laptop mobile or tablet.

Connection is key.

How to stay connected to your courage when things around you look scary.

Tools to maintain your awareness at a level that’s true to your potential.

Transforming limiting beliefs and outmoded habits.

A powerful way to handle contrast and challenges.

Getting to what they are really showing you so you move ahead in leaps and bounds.

75 minutes, or longer if you need, of live coaching, aligning and expanding. Bring your questions, experiences and challenges along and we get deeper and deeper into soul inspired solutions grounded in courage.

An amazing expansion process that results in courage being your constant companion. You’ll be amazed at how much better you know yourself!

Courageous steps result in results!

The joy, satisfaction and harmony you’re looking for.


Soul Codes and Success: Unraveling the delusions and the stories.

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