Follow these keys and set the light within free to radiate through your life.

1. Agree with your Higher Self.

Have a loving sit-in with yourself. Go to the part of you that knows and trusts your highest potential and agree to be that. No one else is going to build the life you want for you. Embrace the part of you that is already ready, willing and able to be your unique brilliance, and make him/her your best friend and constant companion.

2. Invision it. Often!

Set your wildest dreams free. Invite them to dance through your imagination. Nurture the vision you’ve often referred to as “too good to be true,” Then . . .  choose to make it true. Who are you being, what are you doing  as you spend your every day life in joy, harmony and juicy expression of You?  What are the greatest outcomes and experiences of living your ideal life.  Start invisioning it. Choose to set the momentum off by invisioning.

INvision because you are IN the Vision!

 3. Piss off the procrastinator. Dismiss the “I’m not ready yet” voice.

Each time you tell yourself “I’m not ready yet.” you send out a stream of energy that disconnects and destabilizes. Your high standards ( you know the ones that sit atop your unacknowledged fears) are the very thing that keep you from excelling at what you do.  They stop you from moving out into the world and being real, like the rest of us. We can only be as ready as our hearts are open to being authentic, connected and honest. Piss of the ego laden procrastinator and step into how very ready you are in this very moment.

4. Be your own greatest guidance.

You know your unique brilliance in a way no one else can. Feed back and insight are helpful, particularly when the giver is in love with their own uniqueness.  Through the eyes of love, look to where a person is coming from in relationship to you, as this has the potential to influence their perception. You learn from all experiences, so interpret feedback carefully and maintain ownership of your inner trust, wisdom and guidance. You collaborate with others FROM your unique brilliance rather than about your unique brilliance.

5. Nourish and Nurture.

Stepping out into your unique brilliance takes courage and dedication. The dance in and out of your comfort zone, goes from a waltz to a tango to a free style that you hope no one is watching. Regularly nourish yourself with  time in nature, good food and like hearted company. Nurture yourself with solid spiritual practice, wise mentors and teachers. Take time for yourself where you settle into your Greater Self and absorb the restorative and nourishing energy.  Monitor your energy levels with compassion and respect as you make empowered choices.

6. Let go of needing to be liked.

You are being your unique self. Some people will get you, others won’t. Some will shower you with love and gratitude and encourage everyone to work with you, others can’t see what the fuss is about.  Step out of your ego’s need for praise and constant wins and stay centered enough to ride through being ignored and rejected. If you need to be a nice person in the eyes of everyone else, you’ll end up doing things that don’t reflect your uniqueness. Ensure you feel really good about your offerings and how you go about it.

7. Be confident in yourself.

Those who share the same blessing will love you for it. Those who lack it, will either dislike you for it, or seek out your expertise so they can share in the experience too. The ones who dislike you for it,  you don’t want to have around anyway, They have little to no self knowledge and are are entangled in the fragilities of ego confidence. Those who recognize a desire for more confidence are ripe to heal, learn and accept themselves as uniquely brilliant too. Just like you!

8. Acknowledge the unique brilliance in others.

Let others know the brilliance you see in them and how you forsee its value and place in the world. Acknowledge the pathways they have cleared, the bridges they have built and the possibilities they have opened.  Thank them on behalf of future generations, who will dance their unique brilliance across the world more brightly as they have traveled cleared paths, crossed existing bridges and stepped into possibilities that enable the presence of their unique brilliance.